Computrol protects its customers' proprietary designs and right to privacy, especially those relating to PCB assembly services for the military in which defense and security issues are key. Computrol has the experience required to provide assembly services to the military and aerospace industry and our ITAR registration allows us to do work in cases when design drawings and products require confidentiality.

Computrol is certified in ISO 9001:2015 IPC class II and III and J-STD certified as well as being ITAR registered. Computrol aims to enhance customer satisfaction through the effective application of our Quality Management System. This includes processes for continual improvement of the system and the assurance of conformity to customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.

Computrol is committed to the continual improvement of overall performance. Additionally, Computrol has the ability to handle customer-specific guidelines and provide customized services while maintaining a consistent level of quality throughout its operations.



Computrol is AS9100D certified. To successfully achieve this certification, Computrol demonstrated its ability to consistently provide products that meet customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements while maintaining a consistent level of quality throughout its operations. The AS9100D standard includes the generic ISO 9001:2015 elements as well as nearly 100 additional requirements specifically designed to address the stringent, complex and unique demands of the defense and commercial aerospace industry. Successful applicants must demonstrate to an objective third party that they have an effective QMS to consistently satisfy these unforgiving requirements. AS9100D certification often is a prerequisite to supplying the military/aerospace sector.



Computrol's Contract Manufacturing Services have received a Global Technology Award. The award program, premiering in 2005, is an annual celebration of product excellence in electronics surface mount assembly. Premier products based on the finest examples of creative advancement in technology are chosen by a distinguished panel of industry experts.
The company's electronics contract manufacturing expertise allows customers to realize significant improvements in cycle time, asset utilization, reliability, flexibility, and responsiveness. These objectives are achieved through integration of modern systems and processes, highly skilled and experienced people, fact-based process management, and continuous improvement.









Our Benefits

  • Complete turnkey electronics assembly services – from design to delivery
  • Complete supply chain management
  • Advanced online documentation and data collection
  • Free, comprehensive, DFM (Design for Manufacturability) review using Valor Software for our customers
  • Inventory Management – don't tie up your valuable resources in inventory
  • Design and test engineering services available on site
  • ISO 9001:2015
  • ISO 13485:2016
  • AS9100D
  • ITAR Registered