A Perfect Match

How do you choose an electronics manufacturing services partner? What are the factors that differentiate one from another? Certainly you consider technology, quality, capacity, costs, capability and track record. But, in the final analysis, it can come down to a certain "feel" and to the responsiveness of the people.

Which company shares your business ethics? Who seems to identify best with your objectives? And to whom will you trust your reputation? As your EMS provider, Computrol will surpass all your expectations.


Computrol's ability to handle dynamic engineering changes and to quickly ramp up or down to meet changing product and volume demands improves customers' inventory costs, cycle times and, ultimately, the level of their customers' satisfaction.

Your Personal Project Manager

When you work with Computrol, you will have personal, one-on-one attention from one of our designated project managers. Your personal project manager will be your point of contact for all facets of your project, alleviating the need to deal with multiple departments to initiate changes or obtain information.

Your project manager will work in proxy, on your behalf, to ensure every step of the process meets or exceeds your expectations.

Additionally, your project manager will work closely with a customer support team to maintain the highest level of customer support and satisfaction at all times. At Computrol, you are more than a job. We value the relationship we build with you.


Computrol's purchasing abilities, utilizing our state-of-the-art ERP, are enhanced by the total commitment of our materials vendors' support, whether the material is in ample supply or on allocation. Our procurement professionals source materials on a worldwide basis to ensure the best combination of pricing, availability, quality and delivery.

The common parts required for your jobs are combined with other customers' requirements to leverage price and delivery. By combining common parts into large quantity buys from vendors, Computrol can pass on cost savings and reduce delivery lead-times to all customers.

Material Management Services

  • Complete supply chain management
  • Combined quantity purchasing
  • Raw materials procurement and management
  • Finished goods inventory management
  • JIT delivery
  • ERP
  • Vendor managed inventory programs

Total Customer Satisfaction

We are committed to total customer satisfaction by providing the highest quality of products and services in the industry. We achieve this by understanding customer needs and by consistently meeting and exceeding customer expectations.

Computrol maintains an environment of continuous improvement in every element of business and we empower employees to achieve their best in individual performance and teamwork.

Our electronic contract manufacturing expertise allows customers to achieve significant improvement in cycle time, asset utilization, reliability, flexibility and responsiveness. We achieve these objectives through integration of modern systems and processes, highly skilled and experienced people, fact-based process management and continuous improvement.